Founded in 2004, under the commercial law of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Outdoor Cambodia Company Limited has now became a leading professional service providers company for out-of-home media with 20 years of experience.
We specialize in providing clients with professional and innovation out-of-home media solutions ranging from billboard, overhead-pass, tri-vision billboard, street furniture, and Digital billboard, as well as alternative outdoor. We offer various forms of advertisement solutions that contain high quality, high standard, high efficiency and high return-on-investment. We have researched and invested in premium locations with advanced-technology materials in order to make your advertisements more attractive.



“Strive to be the leader of innovation & creative out-of-home media service provider as maintain the leading professional in Cambodia”



We believe that we can help our customers growing their businesses with Outdoor’s products and services, maximizing customer’s satisfaction, earning continued loyalty, and building long term profitable business relationships through provision to our customers:
• Keep leading professional out-of-home media in Cambodia
• High responsibility to ensure that your advertising is secure, stable, and reliable
• Keep innovation and advanced technology in advertisement industry
• Keep trust, reliable and effective advertising tools for clients
• Long term objective and long term relationship with clients
• Fairly priced services based on return-on-investment and designed to meet customer’s needs better than all the possible alternatives
We believe Outdoors’ people are our most important assets. Our team makes the critical differences in how we perform. Their attitude, skills, talents and determination separate us from our competitors